Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Inequity of Rare Disease Knows No Boundary

The treatment of people with rare diseases is not just a scientific problem.  In many ways, it is more of a social and political issue.  If we can solve the political problems, the science will follow.  As a world we must unite to give fair treatment to all who suffer from a rare disease.  As individuals or even on a disease-by-disease basis we are rare but together we are strong.  25 million people in the US alone suffer from rare diseases.

Neither is Rare disease a national problem.  Rather, they are a problem that transcends boundaries.  It is true that much of the commercial development for treatments of rare genetic diseases are done in the US.   However, fair treatment of people with rare disease in people throughout the world will help all of our cause.  That is why International Rare Disease Day is so important.  By advocating for fair treatment, we will create an environment where technology and innovation will flourish.  By eliminating the inequities that are suffered by people with rare disease around the world we encourage new investment by the smart people that are working to cure these diseases.

That is why on International Rare Disease Day, I want to support the efforts of my good friend Simon Ibell.  Please take a moment to check out what Simon is doing and help us spread the message:



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