Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to set Team Sanfilippo as Your Ebay Fave

For tonight's installment on the blog, I am going to explain how to set Team Sanfilippo as a favorite charity in Ebay.   If you follow all the steps in tonight's blog, it should take more than 5 minutes and cost you nothing. What it will do is get you all set up to donate in Ebay when you are ready.  No commitment.  How is that for a sales job?

I won't rehash my previous blog introducing the idea but will just touch on why that is a good thing.  Ebay Giving Works allows you to sell items on Ebay and donate the proceeds.  By donating some or all of the sales proceeds for your item, Ebay will:
  • Waive some or all of the listing fees (pro-rated by your donation percentage)
  • Track your online donations (including cash) and provide you a year-end tax summary
  • Give your item extra visibility, helping it sell more easily and for a higher price
All of that sounds great, but where how do you do it?

You get started here:

Team Sanfilippo Ebay Store Page

If you click that link, you should see something like this:

The first thing you need to do is make sure that Team Sanfilippo is saved as a "favorite" charity.  That will make it easy for you to select Team Sanfilippo as the recipient of your donation when you list an item.  I know everyone is really busy but...

The one item that I ask as a favor is that tonight you simply do this one easy step.  I am putting all this effort into the blog and all I am asking for is a click.  Show me some love people!!!

You will need your Ebay user id and password handy because it will ask you to login.

Click here:

Click here to add Team Sanfilippo to your "Favorite" Non-profits on Ebay

 If all went correctly, you should see a screen like this:

Horray! We are your favorite!

If you got this far, then awesome!  You are set to be a charitable giver on Ebay!  Now, let's list an actual item.  I will show you how to do that in the next installation but that can wait one day at least.

Have problems following these steps?  Post a comment and we will get you some help!

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Want to pitch in right away?  Click the donate button on the top right to donate to Team Sanfilippo through Paypal. 

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BTW, big shout out to my friends in the MPS III community.  Their "Hope Love Cure" videos have been so moving for me.  You can check them out on YouTube by searching for Hope, Love, Cure. 

I would like to share a few with you.

This is Jonah, this shows you what an early MPS III patient looks like:

These are our friends Hunter and Ciara:

No one should have to live like this.  Take a moment and do just a little to help these kids.

BTW, here are a couple of short videos of my son Reed:

Reed jumping on the trampoline with a sister a couple of months ago.  Before we got his diagnosis:

Here is Reed being a funny guy:

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  1. Keep in mind that we can always advertise the Team Sanfilippo store as well! Keep an eye on what is being sold there. If you buy something, you might find something you need, raise money for a cure, get a tax break, yada, yada, yada

    Bookmark the store and check often to see if there is something you need!