Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Good Searching for a cure

In fund raising, every dollar counts.  To find the cure for our children we need every bit of help we can get.  We need to ask, "What could I be doing slightly differently to make a difference?"  Tonight's post falls into that category.

Since you are reading this blog I assume you use the Internet,  Everyone that uses the Internet searches for stuff, right?  Yahoo!, Google, Bing, etc.  You know how those companies raise money?  They do it by selling advertisement.  Good Search does the same thing with a small twist.  They will share a fraction of the advertisement with a non-profit of your choice.

Here is the key, in the box below where it says "Who do you GoodSearch for?" you need to put "Team Sanfilippo Foundation"  Given that that's what I care about, I almost forgot to say that.  Seems obvious but I ain't takin' no chances!!

So, just set your home page to Good Search and search away!!!  Is it a good search engine?  Good Search is powered by Yahoo! so the search technology is top notch.

How much can we make?  Playing around with it a bit, I think that each search earns your favorite non-profit about $0.01 - not a lot but it adds up.  Most of us probably do about 10 searches (at least)  a day, if we had 2000  Good Search users that 20,000 searches per day or $200 per day or $72,800 per year.  Now we are talking real cash people!!!!

So how can we make it even easier?  Use the Good Search tool bar, that's how!  With the tool bar,  doing a Good Search is even easier.

So, instead of saying "Google that for me" or "look it up for me on Yahoo!" - you need to ask your friends to "Good Search for ..." whatever you are looking for. Do it and ask everyone you know to do it.  Heck you can point them to this blog if you like :).

BTW, you can earn ever more by shopping with Good Shop.  Next time you plan to buy online, go to Good Shop and see if your store is listed.  For example, the Apple Store donates 1%.  Did you plan to buy Junior a new iPad?  Well, that could be $5 toward an MPS 3 cure right there!

To get the donation, click the link for your store in Good Shop and you will see its coupons.  Here is what you would see for Best Buy, for example.  To get the donation, just click the shop now button.  that will take you to the Best Buy store where you would shop just like normal. It is actually kind of cool, they have coupons right there that can save you money too!  It is win>>win>>win - love it when a plan comes together.

See how easy that was??  You didn't have to give up that dream of owning the PS3 in order to save the world?

I am not totally sure, but I think that if you have the tool bar installed, it will automatically recognize when you shop at a store that donates.  Can someone please confirm in the comments?

Funny Sidenote: This blog is powered by Google and it won't let me upload any images that show screen shots from Good Search.  Wow!


  1. I can confirm that you automatically get the donations to Team Sanfilippo when you have the toolbar installed, at least with the participating stores I've shopped at. Both Lands End and Amazon are automatically recognizing and making the donation when I make a purchase on their website. And all because I have the Goodsearch toolbar installed! And I didn't even go there with the Goodsearch toolbar.

    With Lands End, their donation was 2.5% of my purchase! That could add up to a nice chunk of change if lots of people are doing it!

  2. From the Good Search website:

    Please note, a handful of merchants still require that you visit GoodShop first and click through to the store. This will be apparent because the donation button will not light up. For Amazon and eBay, you can simply click on the icon on the toolbar to get to the sites.

    So the toolbar works for most places - but you need to make sure the little yellow buttons light up.